Wednesday 28 July 2010

Try something new today :)

I've always liked Sainsbury's catch phrase 'try something new today' even though I never shop there. Something about that phrase suggests there's an exciting world out there that you need to go get some! That's what i've been doing lately..trying some new things.

Acting since I left school: I was asked to be the one of the main characters in a performance my church was doing with kids club. I played a troubled young teen who didn't feel worth anything due to events in her life that made her feel that way, until she meets Jesus who isn't what she expected. It was so great to feel the buzz again that always fills me when I am doing acting. I'm definately not gonna stop continuing to carry on that passion of mine!

Cakes: I was watching the tv programme 'cook yourself thin' which attracted me because they had the motto of not dieting but cook healthier. There was this cake recipe that just looked so delish I had to try it out. Also, it included a courgette in the recipe and the woman claimed that you couldn't taste it. Well I found that strange and wanted to find out for myself. So I grabbed my friend maria, we put on our pinnys and got to work. I hadn't baked in ages coz my mum doesn't really have time to bake cakes. I was sooooo pleased! :) they turned out terrific, sweet and presentable..luvly jubbly! annnndddd...she was correct, you couldn't taste the courgette.

Here's the link for the recipe:

Dragon fruit: I was in tesco when I came across an odd but pretty looking fruit which I had never seen before. I thought I wonder what that tastes like as I am a person who loves fruit. So I bought it and then realised I had no idea how to prepare it. So it was time to do a bit of research.
This is what I found out - Pitaya or more commonly known as Dragon Fruit is the fruit of Hylocereus cactus species, which only blooms at night with large white fragrant flowers called 'moon flower' or 'queen of the night' which I think sounds beautiful. They are native to Mexico and Central and South America but are also cultivated in Asian countries. To me the fleshy white pulp looked alot like the flesh of a kiwi apart from the colour.
However, although this fruit looked tropical and attractive the taste was totally not! It didn't taste of anything which was a real disappointment. Maybe I got a bad one, I dunno but to me I only could eat one mouthful as it was so tasteless. I was glad I tried it though.

Prayer Diary: I have also started a prayer diary where I not only write down church service notes, verses and pictures God gives me but now I write down the things I pray about to. It was an idea I got from reading the book 'too busy not to pray' by Bill Hybels, which I would recommend to you all. It helps me to slow down, give God the private time He deserves, lets me analyse my life and puts things into perspective. Not only that but I found that since I started to write my prayers down now my prayers aren't just I need, I want..ask ask ask, if you get my drift but now I am reminded to include adoration, confession, thanks as well as asking God for help with things..which is important too!

So yeah if you've got any ideas of what else I could try I'd love to hear it :)