Tuesday 22 June 2010

Race for Life!

My excuse for not blogging lately is that I have been really tired preparing for the cancer research race for life which happened on sunday. I had to force myself to really go for it in the last couple of weeks before the run because I wasn't someone who used to enjoy running, I wouldn't even be bothered to run for a bus! lol. Now on the other hand, I am actually considering jogging as a hobby :) Unfortunately, me and my good friend Avril (shown in picture with me) had to cram in preparation in the last couple of weeks as our lives have been very hectic with uni and other issues. Next time we do it, it would be much better to spread out the preparation jogging over a longer period of time..although this may have to be by ourselves as she is situated in Scotland, long way to come for just jogging practise!
Anywhooo, we both finished the 5km,jogging the whole way and to say it was harder than anticipated is an understatement. There was many hills, uneven ground( I tripped once, doh!) and people that were walking when they went to the jogging category who were not moving out the way to help those who actually wanted to jog. This won't matter to you if your not an eastenders fan like us, but Zainab Masood was jogging like a metre away from us! cooool :D We jogged the whole 5km in 42 minutes, which I am very proud of..next time we are aiming for under 40 minutes. My leg muscles are still tight and aching even now! I'm very pleased we decided to do it and we raised well over £100 for the charity. Without wanting to sound too cheesy..we really were RACING FOR LIFE.
R.I.P Grandad Minnie - I miss you but I know your happier where you are now..Thanks to God that he found Jesus before he died of the horrible disease.
Still praying for Uncle Rob, who is still fighting cancer.

Tuesday 1 June 2010

End of yr 1 teaching and brooooooom broooooom off I go!

I finally finished my 1st teaching practise last friday and we had a celebratory BBQ, just me, raz, mum, dad, lil, ali barbar and warren which was lovely because luckily it didn't rain..there's nothing nice about soggy burgers! My class gave me a huge hand-made card, box of malteasers and a gerainium which made me feel so happy I felt like I was going to cry.

Here is the final product of all my teaching:


It was an experience I will never forget, full of so many different emotions. I definately underestimated how much paperwork there was going to be..I was swamped! I enjoyed teaching year one when they behaved lol It gave me an opportunity to be creative which I liked and I thank God for being with me always. I will miss them, all of their very different characters and maybe some day I may just bump into one of the little treasures, I doubt they will remember me though. My confidence grew and my timing in the lessons improved but as always there will be tons more to learn. On to key stage two...but I'll have my much needed holiday first ;)
Driving Lessons:
On a slightly different note, I started up my driving lessons again and the lesson went on for an hour. I was nervous and I thought I had forgotton everything but as I began driving it fell back into place, not everything but most things which I am grateful for. I need to do my theory test soon.