Monday 4 June 2012

Revival Through Unity

I was away at a conference a couple of weeks ago that was themed on the Father's Heart. The speakers were Mark Stibbe founder of 'The Father's House Trust' and Heidi Baker founder of 'Iris Ministries'. When I was standing under an open heaven of intimacy with my Heavenly Father there was a great release of God's mercy. I saw His children in need of being bought back into the arms of their loving Daddy God and I was wrecked. Tears and more tears. Since the beautiful garden of Eden, Satan has been making orphans, he is the ultimate orphan-maker. He made orphans out of Adam and Eve and he has been in that profession of stealing, lying and destroying ever since. It's time it stopped. Both spiritual orphans that need their Heavenly Father and orphans on earth that have no parents.

A way that this could be overcome is for spiritual mothers and fathers to rise up in the church.
God speaks in Malachi 4:6 that God will 'turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.' Through God speaking to me through the book 'Jesus Culture - Living A Life That Transforms The World' by Banning Liebscher and in other ways, God has revealed His heart to me that He wants revival to come through the generations aligning themselves. Blessings fall in abundance with the power of God's ordered alignment. In Exodus 17, there is the story where Joshua was sent with some other men by Moses to fight against the Amalekites. While Joshua and the rest of the army fought courageously and skilfully, Moses was holding up the rod of God overlooking the battle. Even though Joshua and the army were well-trained, they began to loose the battle as soon as Moses' arms weakened and the rod lowered but once again they became victorious when Aaron and Hur assisted Moses in holding up the Rod of God. The victory could not have been won without each generation. Moses and Joshua were dependent on one another and in correct alignment. There was a submission to authority and there was an honouring of the elder.

There is a generation gap in the church that is quenching the Holy Spirit and stopping revival. Banning Liebscher describes two reasons for this. The first reason is that there is a spirit of independence in the generations. The younger generation has the mind-set that they can do things without the older generation and that the older generation do not understand them. Pride oozes out. Now when God was rising up this passion in me to see the generations align, it was only right that He showed me the garden of my heart which actually had the weeds of independence in it that were choking life from allowing me to see God's greatness through alignment. The seeds of independence were sown in my childhood where once the Lord set me free from the enemy using fear against me, he caught me in another way where I felt that because I had relied so much on my parents in that fearful time I had to prove myself. So once God revealed this to me, we dealt with it  together with lots of Holy Spirit weed killer. It has produced a lot joyful freedom as I re-aligned myself with my parents and He is teaching me to honour them fully.

The next reason is that the church has believed the lie that Satan has been telling them about how revival is going to come. The lie has seem to spread like wildfire that revival is only coming through the younger generation. Eck-errr! Revival is coming when the generations unite. So come on spiritual mothers and fathers! rise up! There are no lesser sons or daughters of the King. God can use anyone! You just have to position yourself to cling to the Father. Allow Him to love on you and then let that love pour out on others, on your spiritual sons and/or daughters. Who are you investing in? and who is investing in you?