Saturday 16 July 2011

Hans Zimmer! :D

If you're looking at the title of this post and thinking 'I have no idea what Hans Zimmer is' then you need to get to know! Hans Zimmer is a musical genius. He has composed the music for over one hundred films: 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'Kung Fu Panda' and 'Gladiator' to name a few and won many awards. Last Saturday I was very blessed to be able to see him perform with John Powell (another film composer) and an amazing orchestra in Northampton. The event was mainly focused around the 'Kung Fu Panda 2' movie but I was so glad that they played compositions from other films too. It's such a touching experience to see an orchestra play live and I think I underestimated that before I went. I highly recommend that you go to see an orchestra play if you have the opportunity. Not only was it a fabdabbydozy musical experience but it was a great opportunity to spend some time with my family; introducing Alex, my Guatemalan brother, to some traditional English grub: pie and mash ofcorse! before we left for Northampton. I also bumped into a couple of my good friends, Avril and Melissa, who I hadn't seen for a while so that was great :) That day I will be holding close to my heart and I think my musical appreciation has only just begun.

Here is a link to a youtube clip that has a selection of Hans Zimmer compositions for you to enjoy:

On another note, today is our annual church fun day, which should be another good day but prayers asking God to bring out the sun would definately be appreciated :)