Friday 12 March 2010

Work hard, Party Harder!

Wednesday 10th March - The UV Party! :)
*My memory in the form of a poem*

The uv party with lots of uv light
my purple painted heart glowing so bright,
Lots of work with dedication
but it was time to change the station,
Dance like I've never danced before
The beat was something we couldn't ignore,
Drunk sports students pinch her bum
Waiting for the opportunity to get some,
One or two drinks but no more
otherwise you would hit the floor,
Giggling with all your friends
all looking stunning in the latest trends,
My camera was at the ready
trying to keep my hand steady,
Getting lost in the midst of time
Going with the song my body was full of mime,
Happy as Larry but it was time to go,
The traffic on the way home was super slow,
The next day in the SU there was no trace,
only the last crumpled cup in that small deserted space.

(by Daisy Minnerthey)

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