Tuesday 1 June 2010

End of yr 1 teaching and brooooooom broooooom off I go!

I finally finished my 1st teaching practise last friday and we had a celebratory BBQ, just me, raz, mum, dad, lil, ali barbar and warren which was lovely because luckily it didn't rain..there's nothing nice about soggy burgers! My class gave me a huge hand-made card, box of malteasers and a gerainium which made me feel so happy I felt like I was going to cry.

Here is the final product of all my teaching:


It was an experience I will never forget, full of so many different emotions. I definately underestimated how much paperwork there was going to be..I was swamped! I enjoyed teaching year one when they behaved lol It gave me an opportunity to be creative which I liked and I thank God for being with me always. I will miss them, all of their very different characters and maybe some day I may just bump into one of the little treasures, I doubt they will remember me though. My confidence grew and my timing in the lessons improved but as always there will be tons more to learn. On to key stage two...but I'll have my much needed holiday first ;)
Driving Lessons:
On a slightly different note, I started up my driving lessons again and the lesson went on for an hour. I was nervous and I thought I had forgotton everything but as I began driving it fell back into place, not everything but most things which I am grateful for. I need to do my theory test soon.

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  1. Well done Daisy! So glad it went well. The first one will probably be the hardest because everything is so new (though that does depend on the school and the children).

    Have a well deserved break and thanks for the warning, I'll keep off the roads :p (Just kidding -hehe)

    Much love :)