Saturday 11 December 2010


The other day I had a literacy seminar on how to teach poetry to key stage two children, which I was pleased about because I love poetry and I had just had the most boring mathematics seminar on how to make links for a medium term plan. I came across a poet I had never heard of before, his name was Benjamin Zephaniah..heard of him? We were asked to read some poems from his book 'talking turkeys' and then to perform them from to the class. I love performing so i thoroughly enjoyed interpretting his work. The class clapped at the end so I guess that's a good dign :-) When I was reading the different poems with my group, the words were like little rays of sunshine. He writes about deep topics with such a great light-hearted sense of humour. I think I may just buy the book! Anyway, I enjoyed reading them so much I thought I should just share a one.

Eat your words

I am a veggie table

A table made of veg,

There's so much fruit upon me

All living on the edge,

Life is hard

But so are plates

And tea can be quite hot,

And vegetarian poets

Make me nervous quite alot.


  1. Benjamin Zephaniah does Schools Programmes on TV sometimes. He's good.

    So what's boring about medium term planning in maths? :p

  2. Awww kl. It was only boring coz the lecturer made it seem more complex than it really was lol