Monday 8 August 2011

Can you hear the sirens?

It's funny how something starts to feel all the more of a serious issue when it reaches your 'own front door'. Last night facebook was bursting with constant updates of London's residents reporting news of the riots spreading. On Saturday night, a riot erupted in Tottenham in what seemed to be in response to a police shooting of a man named Mark Duggan. Police cars, buses and buildings burnt to a crisp, shops looted and smashed, people injured physically and emotionally. In the media, the Duggan family declared that they did not condone any of this violence. By Sunday, the riots were spreading to other areas such as Enfield, Chingford, Ponders End, Islington and my own areas of Walthamstow and Leyton. My boyfriend's place of work, Tesco, was smashed and looted; with the unprotected night staff running to get to safety. I highly think that the people that are carrying on the riots now actually don't seriously care about the death of Mark but are just using the events in Tottenham as a greedy and careless excuse. It makes me feel so sad that people can want to do this. Eventually a lot of them will get caught as there has to be loads of CCTV cameras. As I laid in bed, the sound of sirens whirled from outside. Time to pray.

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  1. I notice you posted this at 02.51. Peace to you Daisy!

    I'm sure you are right about the motivation of the rioters and looters. They are just jumping on the bandwaggon!