Wednesday 25 April 2012


As me and my sister were going to our house group 'Radiant' yesterday, I sat at the bus stop to find this was written on the bus stop glass:

 'Give me land, lots of land
  And the starry skies above.
  Don't fence me in'

It's not the normal scribble graffiti that is displayed around London, it has depth and meaning behind it.
I couldn't help but take a photo of it as so many questions rolled around in my mind..
Who was this person?
Why did they feel the need to write this in a public place yet leave it anonymous?
What was 'fencing them in' and making them feel trapped?
What is the land and starry skies representative to them?
Did they write this or is it a quote from somewhere that they identified with?

All I can think of is the line from a Vicky Beeching song: 'where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom'.
I probably won't get those questions answered but I hope this person finds the freedom they want.


  1. Hi Daisy,
    There is freedom in God, an abundance of it and through Him we can experience wide open spaces in our heart, mind and soul.

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your thoughts.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Daisy. I absolutely love your blog's name and picture. I immediately feel a connection and can't wait to browse around some more. I also loved to see that you support the ministry of Katie Davis. She inspires me! I will be looking around the next couple of days. I am looking forward to getting to know you more! Many blessings!


    I didn't remember it until I listened to the melody, but I bet your dad would recognise it too.

    If I lived back in London, I suspect I would want to shout these words quite quickly! It's a great place for a short time, but...

  4. Thanks Aunty H! :) Now I've read all the lyrics I can understand why that person may have related to and written those words in London.