Tuesday 14 February 2012

Chosen not rejected

For a while now, I have been reading John Ortberg's book 'Love Beyond Reason' which is a book that aims to help you to move God's love from your head to your heart. A chapter I read today switched on a light in my soul and I wanted to share my revelations with you. The main theme of the chapter displays the idea that to be loved by God is to be chosen by Him. Being chosen means four factors in today's world:

1. I am seen as unique

2. I am seen as someone who has something to contribute

3. Somebody wants me

4. I am superior to someone else

The first three were apart of God's plan but the last was definitely not, in fact it was the opposite.
When God chose me, that action is meant to augment others not make them feel inferior leading to deadly envy. We are missing out on a huge joy when we are jealous of our brother's and sister's joy of being chosen instead of rejoicing with them. We are all chosen and God lovingly chooses every son and daughter with immeasurable uniqueness. This means that there is no need to compare ourselves against one another, which would of resulted in us struggling to love one other. We are not chosen at the expense of someone else. No one is rejected or alone. We are all God's beloved.

Thank you Almighty God for loving us and choosing us each uniquely. I love and praise You for that. x


  1. awesome Thank Jesus Have a blessed day

  2. Daisy thank you for the encouraging post. Blessings.

  3. You are so right. If we could all stop struggling to be better than everyone else - competing with, rather than valuing one another - then we would have a much clearer awareness of what it means to be God's chosen children.