Thursday 2 February 2012


'One very wet and windy Autumn morning I was looking at the garden out of my kitchen window. The rain was teeming down and the Silver Birch tree was taking a real battering from the gales.

As I looked, I noticed on the bottom branch, right against the trunk of the tree, a little dove sitting calmly and peacefully, waiting out the storm. It was totally undisturbed by it's uncomfortable, noisy and chaotic surroundings.

A lovely truth came to my mind. It is possible to have complete peace and calm in our hearts, even in the middle of the turmoil and storms of life.

That little dove had settled on the strongest part of the branch - next to the trunk, and was perfectly safe.

God has promised that He will keep us in perfect peace if our hearts and minds are trusting in Him.'

This was put in a card from a friend to encourage me as I went back to teaching after being ill. In the midst of the uncomfortable, noisy and chaotic surroundings, I can say that God has been giving me a peace beyond understanding and I'm just waiting out the storm, until my placement is over.


  1. How much longer to go?

    Hang in there Daisy. Stay safe on your perch :)

  2. 1 more week until half term and then 2 more weeks after that! I had my uni link tutor observe me yesterday which went well :) Thanks Aunty x

  3. Love the story of the Dove and how true it is ...there are times that I have the wisdom of that dove,but then sometimes I am as peter ...I focus upon the storm surrounding me and sink...

  4. I think we all can sometimes. But the best part about Peter is that God doesn't give up on him and he comes good in the end! :)

  5. Wonderful post. Yes, I am clinging on to that God will keep my heart and mind at peace. Blessings to you Daisy and thank you for sharing.

  6. Love this I am a new follower God bless

  7. @ JBR - Thank you and lovely to hear that you are clinging on to that truth. God bless you too :)
    @ Crystal - I'm glad you liked it. Thank you! God bless you too :)