Wednesday 18 July 2012

Getting burnt!

For a while now I have been asking God to show me what it really means to guard my heart.
'Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.' Proverbs 4:23
Then as I looked in the mirror at my sore red, peeling back, arms, nose and shoulders something began to make sense. The world is full of things that can appear to be good and are okay in small doses but if you're not careful it can lead to you getting burnt. Guarding my heart is about watching the environment I am in, putting the 'sun cream protection' on of spending private time with Daddy God and allowing him to show me and speak truth over my life. Now I did put sun cream on while I was in Guatemala, factor 30 in fact, but not enough; I wasn't continually putting it on or being careful how long I was in the sun for. I just enjoyed how the sun looked on the water, the feel of it on my skin; it appeared harmless. My burnt back reveals otherwise. I am still on a journey of learning what it means to guard your heart. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic...:)


  1. your header picture. so cute and then I looked at your back and ouch ouch ouch. That looks a bit painful. Your message though...was good.

  2. Ouch is right. I have had a few severe sun burns in the past as well. Gentle hugs to you dear. Thank you for sharing....

  3. Love this!
    The world is Satan's domain and even though Jesus conquered him, Satan still rules here for a time. We need to guard our heart from his earthly influence and as we get closer to the time Jesus returns, this guarding gets harder as the influences around us close in. Satan infiltrates the media, which is our biggest influence. It is getting harder to keep our minds clean and focused on God because we are bombarded by the fall of society. Christians are not to be one with the world but aliens and our wisdom we learn is backwards and upside down to the world's wisdom.

    So how do we keep ourselves separated? With great difficulty and by really standing out to society like a sore thumb.

    I just came back from a short visit with some of my family. Two of my nieces gave birth to boys, so I had a chance to hang around them for a while. One of my nieces is a very weak, worldly Christian. We were discussing my daughter and dating. When I told her that we have a no dating rule in the family she laughed and said I have to let go. I kind of shrugged it off but made a mental note to send her an email with an explanation of why we have this rule. It will be a great opportunity to witness to her. :) But, the moment was very awkward and I looked like a real fool in her eyes. I don't want to be part of this world and it's ways so I protect my heart with God's word and believe 100% what it says. I believe if I teach my daughter to keep her heart, mind and soul pure for her husband she will have an amazing marriage and good life because she is obeying her parents and following God by keeping herself pure. But the process is difficult because of the influence all around. So, by eliminating the filth of this world by what we watch, read and listen to and find good wholesome Biblical sound stuff to fill our minds with then our hearts will be guarded and kept pure with the love of Jesus Christ and us being sanctified in Him.

    I hope your burn feels better soon. Glad you had such a good time away.


  4. Revelation from God. His word are like sunblock. we have to be protected by it so we won't get burn. Thanks for sharing!