Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A whole lot of beautiful

'They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
But most of the beholders are looking over their shoulders
And beauty is slowly leaving this world
And love turns to hate and selfishness unfurls'   (29th Chapter)

I don't want to look over my shoulder. I see a whole lot of Beautiful and it's changing me.

The beauty in sisters looking for the good in each other instead of looking for a fight.

The beauty of meeting God in worship and discovering what matters again.

The beauty of a friend revealing that she still cherishes something I gave her long ago.

The beauty in being a part of a young person's journey with their Heavenly Father.

The beauty of the delicious flavours of gelato on your tongue.

The beauty of a community coming together to celebrate the inspiration of sport

The beauty of using a gift God gave for everyone to enjoy

The beauty of allowing someone into your heart and walking alongside one another

The beauty in something so small carrying so much hope

The beauty of a blanket of snow reminding that He's cross covered our sins and made us pure.

The beauty in sharing

The beauty of an unexpected friendship that nurtures your soul so much that you wouldn't want to be without and anticipating what you'll discover next. The beauty of a smile that you find Jesus in.

The beauty in being silly and not caring how ridiculous you look because you're more importantly having fun

The beauty of vibrant new life

The beauty of having fun dancing with your friends

The beauty in celebrating the miracle that a person is

The beauty in embracing a new place and learning through amazing people

The beauty in allowing landscapes to take your breathe away

The beauty in watching the sun go down

The beauty of people who know you completely and love you well, no matter what our lives look like

The beauty of pieces of music that move your soul

The beauty of the power of prayer
The beauty of admiring a piece of art
The beauty of achieving something that took a lot of hard work
The beauty in someone who finally let something go
The beauty of a meaningful hug
The beauty in a heart fully surrendered to Jesus

Jesus, You are the beauty.


  1. It was so nice to hear from you and see all the pics. So true that beauty is all around us...we just need to go on a treasure hunt. Many blessings!

  2. Hi Daisy,
    Thanks for sharing the beauty that touches you. As I read and looked at the pics, my heart rejoiced over all the beauty in our world that God gave us. You are right that sometimes we just don't see the beauty around us because we are too busy being selfish or grumpy. Today, I am going to see the beauty in everything that is around me and when I get grumbly, which I know I will as I have to clean out the deep freezer and I don't like cleaning, then I will stop and look at the beauty that is buried beneath the grumble.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. All i can say is Beautiful:)

  4. oh yes...if only we take the time to notice!!

  5. have captured it well.


  6. Precioso amiga! me encanta nuestra foto! HUGS!