Thursday 11 February 2010

My sponser :)

Today when I returned home from uni I found a letter on my kitchen table. I don't know what it is about letters but whenever I recieve one I always feel that bit more special, unless they are from the bank giving me my statement on how much money I've spent! I use to have an Austrian pen friend who I met when I was on holiday in Kent when I was 7 and we wrote to each other for years, which would always be exciting to hear more about her and her antics. Sadly this gradually fell to a hault. This particular letter I couldn't tell who it was from so I eagarly opened it in seconds. To my joy, it was a letter from the child from Uganda who I sponser through the charity 'Compassion'. I had already written a brief letter to Kedi last month asking him questions about what his hobbies are and if there was any prayer requests but I thought that it would be months and months if I would ever hear back from him. However, he replied very quickly and it definately put a smile on my face after a tiring day. He drew pictures, thanked me for sponsering him and told me about his interests. He is 7 years old, his favourite game is football, he would like to visit England to see how it looks and he wants to be a pilot in the future. I plan on replying to his letter and sending some photos of England for him with it. After recieving that letter, it really brought it home to me how such a little thing can make a impact somewhere far away and is very encouraging! Also, I've been told through church sermons how being a Christian makes places around the world a responsibility to us therefore I am pleased to be starting to except this responsibility even though sometimes it seems too difficult.

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  1. This is brilliant Daisy! We sponsor a couple of children in South America; a little girl called Isabel who lives in Bolivia and boy called Victor from Peru. It is really exciting to receive letters from them and find out what they are doing. Our children are sponsored through Compassion too. I think it's fantastic that you are doing this :)