Wednesday 17 February 2010

A rose says...

James Morrison wrote in his song called 'You Give Me Something' : 'I can say I've never bought you flowers, I can't work out what they mean'. Well, in my opinion every flower can say something different depending on the person. To some people a rose may simply be something that is nice to look at but to others it may have more meaning. Valentine's day has passed just recently and alot of flowers would have probably been sold, including one single red rose which was given to me. There is a chance that some people would have just bought the flowers for their valentine because it is the routine thing. From my perspective a rose means so much more than something that is pretty to look at, even though it is that too :).. (which I why I've taken quite a few photos of it on my phone)

A rose says you're special
A rose says I thought of you
A rose says you're beautiful
A rose says thankyou
A rose says I appreciate you
A rose says you're important
A rose says God is good
A rose says you mean the world to me
A rose says I care about you
A rose says life is better with you here
A rose says sorry for when I've been annoying
A rose says remember me
A rose says the world is full of good too
A rose says cheer up
A rose says you're unique
A rose says I haven't forgotten what's important
A rose says I Love You
A rose says...things that are just too hard to explain

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