Saturday 4 June 2011

Just discovered!

Well, you all know how a long while ago I was trying new things and to be honest I think I can say I have kept that up in different ways. My boyfriend Ramone told me lately about a new fruit that has been discovered called 'strasberries'. At first I wasn't sure if he was just winding me up because that is part of his character but then he showed me in the tesco where he works. It sounded like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a new invention and then I thought of in Bruce Almighty when he creates a new flower 'tudaisy'; a mix between a tulip and a daisy to try and impress his girlfriend Grace which made me chuckle. They are a just discovered fruit, a mix between strawberry and raspberry from South America. They kinda look like crumpled strawberries in appearance but the taste was really nice. They have the furry texture of raspberries and the taste is sweet but not as tangy as strawberries. Quite an expensive buy of £3 for one small punnet but hey, they are just discovered.

Then, today when I was out with my good friend Ruth shopping in Sainsburys I found another fruit that I had never seen or tasted before. It was a 'sharon fruit'. It looks like a firm mirky orange tomato. So I bought it and tried it. It was ok, I wouldn't say it was delicious but it was better than the dragon fruit that I tried a while ago which it's taste was a total disappointment in comparison to it's appearance. The closest I could get to describe the taste of the sharon fruit is like a weird apricot.

If you've got any suggestions of weird and wonderful foods for my palette to test then suggest away because it is quite exciting that I may find a new favourite taste. God is just totally amazing, completely indescribable in what He's made! The more things I discover, the more of His beauty and craftsmanship is revealed :)

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  1. I've tried a fruit of Sharon. Like you, I wasn't overly impressed. I've never heard of a strasberry though!

    Have you tried lychees? They're gorgeous.