Wednesday 1 June 2011

Practise leads to patience

When Alex Ortiz came to England into my life from Guatemala, he brought with him many wonderful things. One of those things was his incredible passion for music. Suddenly my spirit was being (and still is) exposed to all these amazing musicians/composers such as Yanni and actually nourishing my spirit like music should do. For a long time, I always admired musicians as I thought it was something that I would never be able to do, especially piano because my hands are small with chipolata fingers. However, I met my friend Jamie Joiner who plays piano and guess what?! he's hands are not large and he's fingers are not long like I expected all piano players hands to be like. Silly me! As God has been leading me into becoming who He made me to be, I made the decision that I would actually love to play piano and that I was going to go for it. I've had two lessons so far with a great teacher and I'm really enjoying it. She says that I am doing well and going further than she thought I would be at this time, although when I'm practising it is still taking me what feels like forever to change keys. This is very frustrating. When my parents asked me how the practising was going I told them what I just told you. Their response was to remind me that it has only been my second lesson. At that point I realised that I am definately not as patient as I should be, apart from when I'm working with children :P Patience isn't the act of waiting, it's how you act while you wait and I was acting irritable when I was struggling to change keys quickly. I want to be able to play a song smoothly now but then the still voice comes to mind and reminds me that that's the goal and what you want doesn't just appear, it takes hard work otherwise there would be not as much joy when you have succeeded at something. Looking at my learning in general and my waiting in general, I do struggle with patience. I get excited! And this leads to reasoning going out the window. A great thing though is that my Heavenly Dad isn't done with me yet....

'Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus' Philippians 1:6

So now I know that impatience is a stronghold in me, I can face it head on. I can say sorry to God for allowing the spirit of impatience into my life and receive Jesus' amazing forgiveness, bind that spirit and replace it with patience. I can, in God's strength, train myself in the act of patience and you know what, just enjoy the ride that learning is..have some fun in those blips! I don't want to miss out because my sight has been on what is to come than what is now.

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